3/4 Suite, Part 1                                            violin, piano                                                                  2'

Adagio 2                                                            string quartet                                                              3.5'

Almost a Tango                                               violin, piano                                                                  3'

Barbara's Passing                                         violin, viola, cello, bass                                            4'

Being Natasha                                                horn, cello                                                                     7'

Blackberry Farm                                           violin, cello, piano                                                      4'/3'/3'

Cello and Piano Duet                                 cello, piano                                                                    3'

Clarinet Plus One                                         clarinet, piano                                                            3.5'

Come Find Me                                                viola, cello                                                                     3'

Coming Home                                                flue, viola, harp                                                           3'

Daybreak                                                         clarinet, piano                                                              3'

December End                                              String Quartet                                                            3.5'

Delicate                                                             violin, piano                                                                   2'  

Duet for Oboe and Cello                          oboe, cello                                                                     3'

Duettino                                                            violin, piano                                                                   5'

Encore                                                                oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano                4'

Forgiveness                                                     flute, violin, viola, cello                                            4'

Four Strings                                                    String Quartet                                                             3'/4'/2.5'

Gloriosa                                                            violin, cello, piano                                                       4'/4'/3

Gravity                                                              violin, viola, cello, bass                                             3'

Hungarian Folksong                                  clarinet, viola, piano                                                   4'

Ibiza Trio                                                          violin, cello, piano                                                        3.5'

KL2                                                                     flute, clarinet, piano                                                   2.5'

Landscape                                                      violin, cello, piano                                                         2.5'

Landscape                                                      clarinet, violin, piano                                                  2.5'

New Yorker Trio                                           violin, cello, piano                                                       5'/5'/5' 

November                                                       clarinet, String Quartet, piano                              2.5'

Oboe Quintet                                                oboe, String Quartet (3 mvts. Second mvt is oboe solo (Ode to Willow)) 4'/4'/3'

One Day                                                           oboe, String Quartet                                                4.5'

Opposite Gravity                                         vln, vla, vcl, bass                                                          3'

Prelude                                                              oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano                4'

Prelude                                                              oboe, horn, String Quartet                                   4'

Should I Stay or Should I Go                  flute, String Quartet                                                 3'

String Quartet No. 2                                  String Quartet                                                             5'/5'/3'/4'

Sunday                                                              clarinet, cello, piano                                                  2'

Tous les Jours                                               piano 4 hands, or 2 piano                                       6'

Trio                                                                     oboe, horn, piano                                                        4'/4'/4'

Twilight                                                            clarinet, piano                                                               3'

Two Trumpets and a Cello                    2 trumpets, cello                                                          3'

Urban Tango                                                 violin, piano                                                                    5'

Velocity                                                           violin, viola, cello, bass                                              3'

Violin Sonata                                                violin, piano                                                                    4'

We’ll Never Say Goodbye                      violin, horn                                                                     3'

When                                                                cello, piano or clarinet, piano                                3'

Woodwind Quintet                                   flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn                   5'/4'/3'

Woodwind and Piano Sextet               flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano     3'/4'